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November 13, 2017
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November 16, 2017

Daily Bug Facts 9




Earwigs are an interesting insect. They are the most common garden pest and often identified for dying and ruined gardens. Why the name earwig? There aren't many ears in a garden, maybe in a field… a corn field… filled with ears of corn haha.

Earwigs are known to feed on roots and stocks of plants for nutrients. Its no wonder they are frowned upon esp by garden enthusiast. We know that they can cause damage to a garden, but why are they then named earwig? This is maybe because an old wives tale that they would crawl into unsuspecting people's ears why they slept. It has become apparent that this is not true. It is true that female and male earwigs will create a burrow approximately 1 inch deep to create a den or small nest. This could be what sparked the name earwig, because of their shallow nesting dens, one may think an ear canal may be a perfect setting for these misunderstood insects.

What is really interesting about these insects is the nurturing instinct the females display. Once the female and male have mated, the female will make the male leave the den. The female then lays the eggs and will watch after them. Not only will the female clean and care for the eggs, she will also defend them from any predators that may try to eat them. The mothering instinct is so strong that the female earwig will frantically groom and clean the eggs for up to 3 months as shown in one experiment.

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